Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Last weekend was a busy one for us; but, mostly a very good one. Friday evening 4 of the kids performed in a recital. Magalene played "Hymn of Joy" on the piano and James, Myriah, and Madison sang a solo. James sang, "I've Been Watching You" a country song by Rodney Atkins in tribute to dad. Madison sang a praise song, "My Heart Trusts In You" and Myriah sang a praise song, "You Are My All in All." I was very proud of each of them and they are already thinking about which songs to work on when lessons begin again in fall.

Saturday was Magdalene's special day. The day she was finally able to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord for the first time. She was ready and very excited. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful girl.
The Bible pictured on her lap was a special gift from Heaven. About 4-6 months before Paul died, he had misplaced his Bible. In May he finally bought himself a new one and told Magdalene if we could find his old one, she could have it. The last couple months I have been looking everywhere, in every church lost and found of any church we had visited and I had been praying that we would find it prior to Magdalene's First Communion so I could give it to her. Well, at the last sacrament prep class before 1st communion, it was given back to me! Someone who knew a friend of mine had called her wondering what my husband's name was because she found a Bible at her church with "Paul Kummet" written inside. So, just in time, we were given a gift from Heaven. Magdalene now proudly carries around her dad's Bible and has a piece of him that is very dear to us all.

A brand new tabernacle just for Jesus! Isn't she beautiful?

Sunday was Myriah's day. Yep, another wonderful sacrament received the same weekend. Myriah had been preparing for two years for Confirmation and I can honestly say she was more than excited. She was ready and waiting to receive a new out pouring of the Holy Spirit and she now takes on the Catholic Faith as her own. No longer a faith merely handed down from her parents, but a faith she herself now chooses to profess! I pray that the graces she received will strengthen her to live a life of heroic virtue!
The 2009 Confirmation students from our parish.

Myriah and her confirmation sponsor. Thank you, Angie, for the time you gave to help Myriah prepare herself for this day; and for sharing the gift of your very self with her!
Myriah, I am so proud of the young lady you are. I hope and pray your faith always remains a driving force in your life. I love you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, James

14 years went by so fast! You're taller than me and still growing. Where did my sweet little baby boy go? I love you, James. Happy Birthday. May God pour out His spirit upon you and help you to become the man He so desires you to be!