Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Birthday Tea

Magdalene and I had been wanting to host a Tea Party of quite some time.  We just seemed to get swept away with life and never got around to it, until Dec. 8th! In honor of Magdalene's 12th birthday (Dec. 7th), we finally hosted a Tea Party! 

To keep the "tea table" simple and uncluttered, 
we set a separate table for the food.

Chocolate is a must for any and all parties! (At least the parties I host)

Magdalene and I made cinnamon scones. We used a tulip
cookie cutter rather than having the traditional triangle shape.

This is the "teapot" cake. I am so thrilled it turned out just as
I had envisioned. I am no professional cake decorator, and I was working without
directions. I just used the pampered chef batter bowl for the pot, an ice-cream cone for the spout
and handle, and a small cake cooked in a metal 1 cup measuring cup for the lid.
I couldn't have been any happier with the results.

Chocolate mini donuts! And mini "fruit pizza" cups.

I found some free printable "photo booth props" for some photo fun.
Each guest had the honor of a photo taken with the birthday girl.







Clare and Madison were the two oldest girls in attendance.
Madison (being the older sister) and Clare, a good friend of both Madison
Magdalene, were asked ahead of time to help me serve the others.
They did a marvelous job!! Thank you both!


I had a moment of "but it's too cute to cut".  Then I just reminded myself, I made it
to be eaten. It was almost as good as it was cute :)

The girls played a dice game and each took home a teapot
or teacup they acquired during the game.
All in all, I think Magdalene and I did well hosting our first
official tea party!

Magdalene... I hope your day was special.
I hope you know you are special to us!
We love you.