Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday fun!

Family and friends!
(Yes, Myriah was here too. She is behind the camera)

Cupcakes (and ice cream)!




I love you, Teddy Bear! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer begins!

And we are off to a great start! The Minnesota Catholic Home school Conference was this past weekend. I always enjoy getting a couple days to visit with other "like-minded" moms, listen to the speakers, and, my favorite part, browse through the numerous books and curriculum ideas on display. It is nice to have the time set apart to think through our last school year and to make some decisions about what to accomplish in the next. And it is always fun to come home with a few new books to share with the kids.

Myriah took a few classes at the public high school this past year as well. Due to an incentive program that allows the students to miss the last day of the trimester if there attendance was good, Myriah was done with classes on Friday. So, last night I allowed to kids to start their summer vacation with a camp out, campfire, and smores. (the 2 extra girls are neighbors who joined in on the fun)

Along with the arrival of summer come the critters... some enjoyable, some not so enjoyable.
Here are a couple of are more enjoyable ones. The little redbelly snake (James named Junior) stayed with us in a little tank for a couple of days. He was actually pretty cute and fun to play with (yes, those are my fingers he is wrapped around) but the kids released him today. I am sure we will have plenty more snakes through out the summer. Not a one of my children are the least bit squeamish when it comes to snakes.
As of now, I am listening to the sound of the thunder and rain and enjoying the refreshing cool breeze floating through the window. A perfect opportunity to grab a cup of hot cocoa, a picture book, and a kid or two (or three, or four, or even five) and curl up for a good read. Off to go find a few of those kids...