Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall visit to Police Hill

We had one nice day sneak in amidst Octobers days of chilly, misty, rainy weather. We took advantage of it and headed back to Police Hill. This time we ventured a little further into the woods, full of evidence that autumn is in full bloom. I really enjoy the change of seasons that comes with living in MN.
View from the top of the hill.
Heading down the hill. (It really is steeper than it looks.) Looking back up once we reached bottom. If you look closely at the top of the picture you can see the "overlook."

The boys had a grand time being our protectors as we traversed through uncharted territory. At one point we were an SG (stargate) team exploring a new planet.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Uncle David and Aunt Kari... you were right! James and Lawrence have been participating in a fencing class and having a grand time! I think they look very cool in their gear!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another year older!

Today I'm another year older and I have some of the sweetest children on earth (well, sometimes; like today) First off, they let me sleep in a little. Then my day started with all of my children coming into my room and waking me with "Happy Birthday, Mom!" I received breakfast in bed, made by my 6 yr old (Lawrence) along with a couple of pictures he made for me. Magdalene (8 yrs old) molded a flower out of tin foil and decorated two cards (one she made from her and dad... isn't that sweet.) Madison (12) molded some foil monkeys, stamped a card, and wrote me a poem. James (14) made home-made chocolate chip cookies and baked an extra big cookie just for me. Myriah (16) biked into town early this morning to go to the floral shop and pick up 5 carnations (one for each kid)! I'm telling you, their thoughtfulness just brings tears to me eyes and joy to my heart!

I Love You, Mom by Madison
I love my mom. She is always there when I'm hurt.
I love it when she reads. She makes the stories come to life.
I love her cheesy potatoes (but Dad's were the best.)
I'm happy that she's my mom.
She might be busy a lot,
But she always has time for family and friends.
Oh, how I love my mom.
I love her cooking; she's the best.
I love how much she tries to make us happy.
I'm use to hearing "Not now"
But only one thing I love to hear the most,
"I love you!"
I love when she takes us shopping,
Even though we get on her nerves.
My mom is so special.
She is so beautiful;
Especially when she goes out with friends.
Oh, how I love my mom.
If you saw her you would love her, too.
I love how she is there for me when I'm sad.
So, happy birthday and thanks for everything .
Oh, how I love you, Mom.

Love, Madison

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Skill Learned!

I learned how to turn these

Thanks to a friend of mine, I now know how to can!! We had a fun afternoon of peeling, juicing, cooking and finally canning apple sauce, apple cider, and apple jelly!

Snow Soccer??

Well, you just never know in MN! The first snow fall of the year hit Saturday, Oct 9th! A little too soon, I think. But, the soccer games went on as scheduled! We Minnesotans are a hearty bunch and it takes more than a little snow to scare us off!

Friday, October 9, 2009




My boys and I are learning French! Isn't that exciting??

Well, I knew I was picking up a few new words in French, the boys just knew they were learning a few terms needed for their new sport. Any guesses as to what that new sport may be??

I think I'll make you wait a couple weeks until they have class again and I can take pictures of them. They looked really cute tonight in their gear! (Please, don't tell them I said that!)

They both had a lot of fun!! They are excited for the next class, and so am I!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Lady of the Rosary

In honor of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which we celebrate today, the kids and I prayed our rosary a little differently than usual. I put together a candy rosary. (After a great deal of searching, I even managed to find candy marked with an "M" just for Mary... ok, maybe it was an easy find.) Each of the kids lead one decade and collected an m&m for each "Hail Mary" in their decade. I collected the m&ms for the beginning prayers and for each "Our Father."
I don't remeber the last time the kids were so excited to pray a rosary. I may have to do this more often.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Orchard 2009

My extended family gets together every year and heads to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard. It is a fun time of family, hay rides, carmel apples,laughter and fun! After the appl orchard, we all head to my cousins' house. They serve up stew and chili (homemade and very tasty). We sit around and visit, enjoy a bonfire, and eat! The one downside is that this year's get-together was on the same weekend Magdalene and Lawrence were away with G'man Jan for another cousin's birthday party. (But listening to them share about their trip, they sure didn't mind. They had all kinds of fun themselves)

My sister, Michelle

My sister, Denise and her hubby, Vince



My cousin, Ryan

  1. Myriah and my niece, Tori

My mom Nana and the kids

Me and my kids
I really like this picture of Myriah.
Pyramids are made by
someone every year.
Piggy-back ride anyone?? I think James could hold a few more, maybe??

Mom, my sisters, and me
Joyce and her girls, Michelle, Wendy, & Mary

YUM... those carmel apples are really good!