Monday, June 4, 2012

9th B-day

My little man celebrated his 9th birthday yesterday!
I helped Magdalene make his birthday cake using a recipe from her new cook book. It was a big hit (very delicious)! She is becoming very adept in the kitchen and we all benefit!

The big green candle was our solution to mom someone having forgot to get birthday candles. Worked great though. Green is Lawrence's favorite color and there was already the right size hole in the cake.

G'ma provided the birthday boy with a 6 pack, and since he is my only kid who likes "black pop" he doesn't even have to share!

Star Wars and Lego!! Perfect combination! 

A couple of Lawrence's cousins are in from out-of-state visiting G'ma for a few days and the timing was perfect. The boys were able to join us in the celebration. 

As you can see, they enjoyed each other's company. And, thankfully, the only injury they sustained was a swat to the side of the head for the birthday boy during sword play! (Notice the scratches near Lawrence's right eye). He recovered quickly and their activity choice soon switched to Legos! Smart thinking.

Always a good time when you can share your day with friends!! 
Even better when the friends are also family!!

Thanks for joining us!
(Thanks to G'ma, too. It is always a pleasure to have you with us!)

 And, to my new 9 year old!!!
I hope you know how loved you are.
You are laughter, smiles, craziness, chaos, and love all bundled into one!
Out of all of the boys in the world, I am so glad God chose you to be in our family!