Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Give a kid a camera and...

you just never know what photos you'll find!

Hey, he even brushes when I'm not looking!

Crickets... I can't stand crickets, and yet this one captivated my children for quite some time!
I just don't know???
If you know Lawrence at all, you know how fitting this picture is.
Playdough spaghetti. Hungry, anyone??

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Police Hill

For some reason I have had issues with Blogger not wanting to post my pictures. Hopefully today will be the day I can finally get caught up on blogging.

A couple weekends ago we finally had an opportunity to go hiking on what we call "Police Hill." The kids so named it due to the fact that often as we pass by police cars are parked in the parking lot out front. In actuallity, it is part of a wildlife refuge that the kids and I enjoy hiking through. This was the first time we visited this area of the refuge.

We also had the pleasure of Uncle Tim and Ava joining us. The hike was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

It brought out the kids' adventurous and imaginative side. At one point we were the fellowship (from Lord of the Rings) on the journey through Middle Earth. At another point we were the 7 dwarfs on a hike back to the little cabin in the woods.

We even saw evidence of "Big Foot" (AKA: sasquatch, AKA: James)

We plan on making another trip out to "Police Hill" when the leaves are changing color. It will be fun to see how the place looks during different seasons of the year.