Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the two shall be come one...

 June was a whirlwind of a month! (July, too, but we'll save that for other posts).  A busy month, a wonderful month! 

June 15th we were married!
And what a great day it was.

I'm not sure Mark was totally prepared for what he was getting himself into, but...

I think he will be able to adjust just fine!
(Pictured here with his best man. And, yes, the "hoods" do have a story! A bachelor party story... we'll leave it at that!)

Here's us girls before we put our dresses on. I gave them each a "hoodie" with their first initial on it so we would all have something easy to take off and not mess our hair. All my girls, including my maid-of-honor has the first initial "M". 

Dressed and ready to go!
The colors of the flowers were chosen by the kids... each their favorite color.
The girls had their shoes dyed to match their color.
Myriah: hot pink, Madison: purple, and Magdalene: yellow. 

And my boy's wore ties in their favorite color... James: orange and Lawrence: green!
 I have to admit... the guys clean up pretty well, too!

Since we were married on a Friday evening, we wanted all the posed pictures taken prior to the ceremony, but, we still wanted to capture the moment when Mark saw me for the first time that day. Mark was "hidden" in the chapel awaiting the reveal. James escorted me to the chapel.

With Mark's back to the door, I was able to walk up behind him.

I was not disappointed by his reaction! 
The look in his eyes revealed all that his heart was feeling.

Our "bouncers" guarding the chapel doors to give us a few moments alone.

Time for posing. Time to be serious and get the pictures done... right??

Maybe not!

The Wedding Party!

Well, we just couldn't wait until the end of the ceremony!

Our first official family photo.


 My very dear friend and maid-of-honor, Meredith.  Our good friend and Mark's best man, David.

A sweet moment with my son.

 My mom and me.

Mark and his parents.

 Hope you enjoyed the pictures so far. Ceremony and reception to follow in a later post (or two).