Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another year older!

Today I'm another year older and I have some of the sweetest children on earth (well, sometimes; like today) First off, they let me sleep in a little. Then my day started with all of my children coming into my room and waking me with "Happy Birthday, Mom!" I received breakfast in bed, made by my 6 yr old (Lawrence) along with a couple of pictures he made for me. Magdalene (8 yrs old) molded a flower out of tin foil and decorated two cards (one she made from her and dad... isn't that sweet.) Madison (12) molded some foil monkeys, stamped a card, and wrote me a poem. James (14) made home-made chocolate chip cookies and baked an extra big cookie just for me. Myriah (16) biked into town early this morning to go to the floral shop and pick up 5 carnations (one for each kid)! I'm telling you, their thoughtfulness just brings tears to me eyes and joy to my heart!

I Love You, Mom by Madison
I love my mom. She is always there when I'm hurt.
I love it when she reads. She makes the stories come to life.
I love her cheesy potatoes (but Dad's were the best.)
I'm happy that she's my mom.
She might be busy a lot,
But she always has time for family and friends.
Oh, how I love my mom.
I love her cooking; she's the best.
I love how much she tries to make us happy.
I'm use to hearing "Not now"
But only one thing I love to hear the most,
"I love you!"
I love when she takes us shopping,
Even though we get on her nerves.
My mom is so special.
She is so beautiful;
Especially when she goes out with friends.
Oh, how I love my mom.
If you saw her you would love her, too.
I love how she is there for me when I'm sad.
So, happy birthday and thanks for everything .
Oh, how I love you, Mom.

Love, Madison


Sarah said...

Oh wow! What thoughtful kids! They did a great job making your day special, I'll bet.
Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day and best wishes for many more!!

Jamie said...

Happy blessed birthday, I'll pray for you!!!

Your kiddos are great!!

I agree with you Madison, I've seen your mama and I love her!
(and she's beautiful!)

The Michigan Clan said...

Happy Birthday Kristina,

We love ya
David, Kari & Will

JoAnn said...

Beautiful! Sounds like a lovely birthday. You are truly blessed with beautiful children, and they are blessed with you as their mama.

Jennifer said...

That's a whole box of tissues! So, so very lovely. What beautiful children (from beautiful parents, of course).