Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nature walk

We headed out to the trails by the river today. The river floods the area every spring; but, for most of the year the paths and trails are great for hiking.

We met a few of the locals while we were out. Here is the turtle Lloyd found. We also saw a couple butterflies, a few dragon flies, and of course, LOTS of mosquitoes.
I had hoped we could spend some time sitting out in the woods just enjoying nature. We had even packed our sketch books, colored pencils, our nature guides, and even a blanket to sit on. However; I forgot one important item: DEET! The mosquitoes drove us out! So I took a few pictures of the flowers as well. At least that way the kids can still sketch from a photo . And, as you can see, the youngest of us tired out and were none too glad that we came home to central air. (Of course, they are resilient creatures and were back out doors before long!)

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