Friday, December 7, 2007

Feast of St. Nicholas

Each year we celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas; December 6th. This bishop was born to weathly parents who raised him to love and serve the Lord. After their death he used his inheritance to serve the poor and sick. He is remembered for his generosity to all. As we progress through this advent season, it is good for us to remember the example of those who gave so much to serve our Lord.
We may not accomplish any noble needs, as Nicholas did; but, we do spend the day just being together and enjoying one another.

Each year we hang our stockings by the fireplace before going to bed on the 5th. So, in morning we awake to find some small treats to enjoy. My hubby takes this day off of work each year so he is able to be home and celebrate with us. We had a special breakfast that he and I made together.

We always head out on Dec. 6th to a local tree farm and hunt for that one perfect tree. This year the trees were so full of snow and very beautiful.

As Paul and the children strung the lights and garland, I read to them the story of St. Nicholas; a delightful story called A Special Place For Santa. It felt peaceful with the tree lit as we said our Christmas Novea before heading off to bed. We had a very pleasant day!

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Aunt Kari, Uncle David & Will said...

Wow, That's a lot of snow!!!

What a beautiful tradition, celebrated on such a special feast day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

We miss you,