Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A cherished treasure!

Back in May I had talked to Paul about wanting a "Mother's Rosary". I wanted all of our birthstones to be represented in the beads of the rosary. Paul's for the Our Father beads, mine for the first three Hail Mary's, and our 10 children (5 that we were blessed to know here on earth and 5 that now grace us in Heaven) would be represented on the beads through each decade. Paul had given me the go ahead to order one; unfortunately, he died before I could even finalize the plans for it.

However, it arrived today... on my birthday, no less. And it is BEAUTIFUL. A cherished symbol of the faith Paul and I shared and the family we created together.

All I can say is, Jennifer... you did a wonderful job. It is so much more than I could have hoped for. Thank-you!
(You can see more of Jennifer's work at Miracoli Beads.)


krisvog said...

This is such a lovely rosary. And a Very Happy Birthday to you, Kristina. God bless.

Kristen in TN

Jamie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Prayers for you on your birthday. It's no accident they came today, you have extra help in heaven.

I'd love to meet you sometime, I think we live kind of close.

KC said...

Jennifer makes the most beautiful rosaries. Happy Birthday.

meredith said...

I've seen it in person- BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad that you will now be able to hold your whole family in the palms of your hands. I pray that these beads will bring you much comfort and that the prayers that you meditate on while holding them bring you closer to Our Heavenly Father and Our Blessed Mother Happy birthday dear friend. I love you.