Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Epiphany (the feast in which we celebrate the coming of the Magi to worship the Christ child) has always been a big celebration for us. Paul and I had decided, even before Myriah was born, that we wanted one day set apart during the Christmas season for just us and the children. Epiphany, which traditionally lands on January 6th is celebrated in the Catholic Church on the 2nd Sunday after Christmas. This year Epiphany proved to be a difficult day for us, even more so than Christmas. It just didn't feel like our family day without Paul here to celebrate.... but, we still chose to make the best of it and it was a good day.

After Mass we headed to the cemetery. I had one gift for the children along as they wanted to open at least one at the cemetery. (Each year the we wait to exchange our gifts until Epiphany Sunday). Due to a heavy snowfall the night before it was a little tricky getting to the gravesite. I told the kids that they would have to blow dad a kiss as we drove by because once I turned down the lane in front of the grave there was no stopping (or we'd be stopped there for awhile.) Thankfully, we made it to the other end!It was a pretty cold day so we sat in the car at the end of the lane and the kids opened their gifts.

Once home we gathered in the living room and gave our gifts to Jesus. I keep a small decorative box on our family altar that contains our "gift" from the year past. We read through last year's and chose our gifts for this year. (This can be anything you feel that the Lord wants you to work on, like spending daily time in prayer, keeping your room clean, being more obedient....) We wrote down our gifts, put them in the box and, placed them under our tree by the creche. Then we exchanged the remainder of our presents.

After gift time, we played. The kids with their new items, me with my kids. Myriah got us a new family game, the Disney edition of Scene It. It was a game we all enjoyed playing together (and by the way, I won!!)

A friend of mine brought us a nice dinner for the evening meal. (Many thanks to you, Meredith.) Then we finished the day with a movie and popcorn.

Here's a picture of the kids with their new webkinz.

I can honestly say, I am glad the holidays are over. Over all, they went really well. We had many moments of smiles and laughter; but, there were also moments of tears. We remembered Paul and talked of him often; but, we all miss him terribly and days that hold so many memories are difficult. Now we are trying to refocus, get the house back in order, and start school again.

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JoAnn said...

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing. God bless your beautiful family. We pray for you often....Peace.