Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good school day!

We had such a fun homeschool day last week. We were working on a language lesson and each child (all except Lawrence) had the assignment of writing a poem. "A Sea Song" was our model and each child had to write a "song" of their own. We spent the afternoon working through the poems together, helping each person brainstorm and work through difficulties. Everyone had a good time and the poems turned out great. I thought I would share them here
This is the first stanza of "A Sea Song", the poem used as our model.

A Sea Song
by Allan Cunningham

A wet sheet and a flowing sea
A wind that follows fast,
And fills the white and rustling sail
And bends the gallant mast;
And bends the gallant mast, my boys,
While, like the eagle free,
Away the good ship flies and leaves
Old England on the lee.

This next poem is the one I wrote. The kids were a little worried about being able to do this assignment. Writing poetry is not something we have worked much on. I figured the best way to "prove" to the kids that this wasn't that difficult of an assignment was write one myself. I have never been very good at writing poems, but I have to admit, I really had fun. So, here it is...

The Mass Song
by Kristina

A peaceful prayer and an uplifting song
A word that to us speaks true,
And encourages the mind and contrite heart
And fills the spirit anew;
And fills the spirit anew, dear friends,
While, like the angels praise
United the faithful worship and adore
To Christ, their souls they raise.

Now here are the poems completed by each of the children. I think they did a great job.

A Soccer Song
by Myriah (17)

A firm coach and excited fans
And athletes determined to win,
With mighty sprints and fancy foot-work
And a goal they must defend;
And a goal they must defend, my friends,
While the game is almost done
Away the ball is kicked and scores
And now the game is won.

A Kolbe Song
by James (15)

A loud yip and an annoying jump
An excitement that never misses,
And keeps the day happy and fun
And ends with lots of kisses;
And ends with lots of kisses, my friend,
While like a cat he plays
Our crazy dog cuddles and purrs,
And in our heart he stays.

A Horse Song
by Madison (14)

A gentle mare and a friendly foal
A head that is lifted high,
And sends a soft and peaceful neigh
And calls the stallion nigh,
And calls the stallion nigh once more,
While like the river flows
The graceful herd gathers and gallops,
Through the glistening snow.

A Family Song
by Magdalene (10)

A cozy home and a prayerful family
A mother that loves deeply,
and fills the children's hearts and minds
and teaches the faith so sweetly;
and teaches the faith so sweetly, my friends.
While like the sisters are sweet,
The brothers are silly and fun.
Our family is so neat.


Karen said...

Well done. Fabulous work, everyone! Thank you for sharing. I think this crew may just have to have a poetry day too. What a great idea. Blessings, Karen +AMDG+

Molly said...

I loved all of these, but I had to comment and say that Magdelene's poem gave me the goose bumps. Beautiful work.

Kari said...

Great Poems! Each one in it's own special way. I can't wait until May so that we can hear them recited in person!!!

Kristi said...

Incredible Kummets! They are wonderful poems. I think they should be published.

TMarkH said...

Very nice poems! And since I said that I, too, would do one, here is my poem: The Bike Wreck Song

Some stinky socks, a sweaty shirt
And shorts that stand unaided
And smell the mire and well-earned dirt
And blood coagulated.
And blood coagulated, doc,
And blood coagulated...
While like the bike is broken
My bones bent, doctor's pokin'
The tree was not evaded.