Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

... from one crazy bunch!

Dinner! We had spaghetti. A family favorite around here.

But most spaghetti nights don't include the fancy dishes and special desserts.
But on special days I like to do extra special things.

We had poached pears on our honeymoon, and I loved them. I have been
wanting to make them myself and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect motivation.
Not everyone liked them, but, Mark, Madison and I really enjoyed them. And I thought they made a pretty presentation.

I cut everyone's initial and little hearts from gum paste with my Mini Cake Cricut
which I found at Joann Fabrics on clearance for only $30. Quite a find :)
Everyone had a personalized cupcake for dessert!

After dinner my sweet children cleaned up dishes and Mark and I snuck away so
I could blog we could enjoy some quiet time alone together on our first Valentine's married.
So, maybe I should get off the computer now! :)

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