Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A terrific Mother's Day

OK... I finally got a photo to post. This past Sunday was such a wonderful day with my family. After Mass we headed to the Sculpture Gardens (in Minneapolis) and spent a few hours walking around, dipping our feet in the pond, holding hands, laughing, and just having fun. And, of course, I had to take LOTS of pictures. I have enough pictures to make a whole album of just one day. Thankfully everyone was in a great mood and most of the pictures turned out beautifully. We are definitely planning to spend a few more afternoons there this summer.


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with us. :)

LisaR said...

keep forgetting to tell you you were a HUGE HIT in Peoria with your video presentation on Lent for Kids (Family Formation) all of the families watched from a few parishes, not just the catechists! thanks!
lisa from Magnum Opus

Bridget said...

This is Monica G.

Me and my Mom are really happy that you started a blog. I really think it's great.


P.s could you say Hello to the Girls for me please?

KC said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! I can't wait to read more.

Nissa said...

Excellent, Kristina! I can't wait to read more!