Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Fallen leaves provide such a cheap thrill! While at Grandma's the kids decided to go out and play. Grandma has a lot more trees in her yard and therefor a lot more leaves. (We have mostly pine needles, not nearly as fun as leaves.)

One of my nieces decided she wasn't gonna join the fun. So, Uncle Paul went in, threw her over his shoulder, carried her outside and tossed her in. She tried not to have fun, but, you can tell from her face that she enjoyed it all inspite of herself.

I think sometimes it's the most simple things that provide the most fun!

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Gary said...

Hey Kris,

This is Gary. I figured I should take a little time to reply to your posting. I think that looked like a ton of fun that the kids were having. When we were little we use to go to G and G M's house at the lake and do the same thing. They had a huge yard in front of their house and with tons of leaves for everyone. The coolest part was that no matter how we tossed ourselves into the heap of leaves no one ever got hurt.

I'm sure your hubby has similiar memories regarding this. I don't know if I should be using no first names, no last names, or what the proper level of internet security is on blog sites so I will play it safe :)