Monday, November 19, 2007

Not bad for a Monday morning!

We actually had a pretty productive morning. We said our morning prayers and talked about what we needed done this week since we are hosting Thanksgiving. The house now smells wonderful because I put the turkey in the electric roaster (I like to cook the turkey ahead and have it carved and re-heating on Thanksgiving.) I found a check I had misplaced and looked everywhere for. I printed out some "turkey" activities to do with the little ones this week. And..... my children even willingly went to work today. Like I said, not bad for a Monday morning. Now, if only their bedrooms will stay clean until Thursday.
This is the kids doing their history! Really! We call it multi-tasking. They are scrubbing away while listening to their history CD.

Can this be considered working hard???

You gotta love this kid! He heard we needed to start cleaning for Thanksgiving and right away he started with "I want to do something!" So, my dining room windows were washed before he went to help his brother with their bedroom floor.
All in all, I think we are off to a great start for the week.

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