Monday, December 8, 2008

Our last few days....

And what a crazy few days it has been. Let's back up to Thursday evening. Tha kids and I spent the time decorating small christmas trees to sell Friday at our home school group craft and bake sale. They were a hit... we sold out. Myriah and Madison each had other items they made on their own (jewelery, sacrifice beads, scarves...) They did pretty well themselves as well.

Then we went to the Holidazzle Parade that evening with some friends of ours. Even with the snow coming down and the cold temps of the night, we had fun. The kids did talk me into going inside and watching the tail end from the skyway.

Saturday was the Feast of St. Nicholas. We put out our stockings on the eve of Dec. 6th and in the past we have always gone to a tree farm to cut down our tree. This year we still hung our stockings, but, since I am allergic to pine trees, we figured this year we should go artificial. In the aftrenoon we headed to the indoor "Target Tree Farm" and searched for our tree. (Yes... we did get a few odd looks from others shopping that day, as we posed for our pictures. But, it just wouldn't be St. Nick's day without pictures of us getting our tree.)

This is where our fun took a drastic turn. After finishing our shopping, we put everyone in the van and low and behold.... Lawrence got sick. I headed back into the store to purchase paper towels, disenfectant wipes, air freshener, and some liquid cleaner. We cleaned everything up as best we could, and headed home. Once home, Lawrence was put in the tub and I started the laundry load from the van and cleaned the car seat. Even with him spending the rest of the day with his head frequently in a bucket, we managed to get the tree up. We went much smaller than we normally do, so the tree fit nicely in the bay window.

Sunday was then spent at home with sick children. Unfortunately, it was also Magdalene's birthday. We had been invited to her Godparent's home for dinner and cake; but, plans had to be altered. Thankfully her Godmother still made the cake and delivered it to us in the afternoon. Even with the disappointment of no special dinner (we had oatmeal.. had to keep it bland for those tummies) and not being able to go to her Godparent's, Magdalene still wore a smile all day. I am so proud of her. We opened gifts and a few of us even had a little bit cake.

Magdalene... you are truly one special kid! You have such a warm and gentle heart. May God bless this next year of your life. We love you!

Last night another one of the kids took over use of the bucket. I was up a few times through the night with her. Today I have gotten some more of the "sick" laundry through the wash, cuddled on the couch, tried to clean up the kitchen, and tended to a couple still sick kiddoes. Hopefully it will pass through them quickly!

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