Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We usually spend the 4th of July with my family. But, this year we stayed a little closer to home; I just didn't have it in me to drive very far. (Myriah is in Mandaree, North Dakota on a mission trip for church, so I was down one.) We chose to enjoy a rather laid back morning and afternoon just hanging around the house. Then we headed off to join Tim(brother-in-law, his wife, Jen, and their daughter Ava for fireworks. After the city display we were invited back to their house for a midnight snack and some backyard (ok..I think we used the frontyard)fireworks. It was a very fun evening and the kids were good and worn out!! Thanks Tim and Jen, for the invite. We enjoyed ourselves.

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meredith said...

Looks like a fun time!