Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Life of Madison

This is a poem written by Madison. It was an assignment for her home school group class! Sorry for the Second word being pulled, but, I do not wish to put the town we live in directly on the blog.

The Life of Madison ......, by Madison ......

In ....., where I live;
With a giant, black clock
that all day long goes tick, tock.
Historical, nostalgic musuem
with trains, and you can see 'em.
Disappointing and depressing cemetery,
that's where my dad was buried.

My Family with;
Delightful and humorous Father's Day,
which is almost a year away.
Happy and affectionate parents,
to each other so much meant.
Loving and grieving moments,
since last year my dad to Heaven went.

My Hobbies with;
Miniature and favorite horses,
and I really want some moreses.
Collectable and lovable Pet Shops,
I look for them in all the shops.
Adventurous and super biking,
the wind in my face I'm really liking.

My Diet with;
Minty and chocolatly oreo truffles,
we eat them by the mouthfuls.
Juicy and sweet oranges,
and you know, nothing rhymes with oranges.
Salty and crunchy popcorn,
without it I would be forlorn.

My Friends with,
Silly and exciting Andrea Henry,
our time together is always full of energy.
Moody and fun Kate,
we get into debates.
Kind and enjoyable Krysta,
being with her is just like a fiesta.

My Faith with,
Prayerful and powerful Rosary,
which shows my love for Mary.
Wonderful and majestic holy water,
which is a blessing from the Father.
Holy and mighty tabernacle,
the body of Jesus is spectacular.

The life of Madison ......,
enjoyment, excitement, and love!


KC said...

What a wonderful poem!

krisvog said...

What a great poem! I am printing it and reading it to my children. I know they will love it.

Jennifer said...

Poetry's first demand is not dazzling language skills--but courage. Great job, kiddo.

Bridget said...

Very nice poem Madison! It flows from fun and light to deeply heartfelt and serious, then back again.

Lynn said...

A wonderful poem, well done Madison

Katie said...

Lovely poem!! I love oreo truffles too. :) Great work - your mom must be so proud of you.

meredith said...

Great job Madison. Peotry is not my strong point, so I can appreciate someone else's talent. I'm glad you finally got your audience; well done.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem Madison. Poor orange does get left out. Christ's Peace be with you.