Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My return!

I know. I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time. My apologies. I could list a variety of excuses: like the internet issues we had for awhile or the business of life that took priority. But, if truth be told, it's as simple as the longer I spent away from blogging, the harder it was to get back to it. Well, Madison celebrated her 14th birthday on the 14th and what better reason post!

Her favorite gift was a karaoke player. We were all well entertained. The young nieces especially enjoyed singing their pre-school songs and hearing their voices over the microphone. The adults had to take turns acting as referee, making sure each girl had the opportunity to showcase her talents!

Hope you had a wonderful "golden" birthday, my dear Madison! We all love you very much!


Aunt Kari, Uncle David & Will said...

Happy Birthday Madison!

JPBarham said...

Welcome back! :) And Happy belated Bday to Madison! That was my bday, too (but I'm a little older than 14, hahaha!).

God bless, and Happy Advent! Lovely to see new pics of you all.