Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As Christians we believe that we have been redeemed, ransomed, purchased by a great price. That price was the death of Christ on a cross. We belong to the King of Kings, and we are heirs to the Heaven.

Whenever my children and I part, my last words to them are always "Remember who you belong to!" I hope these few words serve to remind them of two things...

1. They are loved (loved so much that Christ went to the cross on their behalf)
2.Their behavior should reflect that which we believe and serve as a witness to others.

Not long ago I put the words in vinyl lettering next to a crucifix on the wall in my dining room. Now the kids and I see the words "Remember who you belong to" often throughout the day.


Kari said...

I Love this! What a great Virtual reminder.

Kari said...

Visual (not virtual)!

Wall Stickers said...

Vinyl Lettering, Wall Stickers, and Wall Decals are a fantastic way to spruce up any room, and they are getting more and more affordable. I am surprised more people don't use them.