Tuesday, July 17, 2007

14 years ago, yesterday.....

began our wonderful, chaotic, terrific, stressful, delightful, tiresome, wouldn't-change-a-minute-of-it (well, maybe a few) adventure known as parenting. Myriah entered the world 3 weeks earlier than expected and changed our world for ever. She started us on a path that would bring the most incredible challenges far out-weighed by the greatest joys. ..... Thank-you, Myriah, for all that you bring to our family. For the love you share with your siblings, for the respect you give your parents. And most of all, thank you for your patience... you are our guinnie pig, the one who gave your parents their first experience of babyhood, toddlerhood, elementary years and now teen years. We are proud of the young lady you are and pray for the lady you will one day be!! We love you!!!

(Myriah, her 4 siblings, and 3 friends on her birthday)

(Myriah with her best friend Andrea)

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Bridget said...

Happy Birthday Myriah! We love you, God Bless you.