Saturday, July 28, 2007

Such a colorful bouquet!

This is the very colorful bouquet of flowers my six year old daughter and hubby brought home for me the other day. It has brightened my kitchen each day since I set them in a vase and put them on my counter. Last night I stood admiring the colors and thought I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Each color really adds to the bouquet. Then I thought about my wonderful daughter who was so excited to bring me the flowers and tell me it was her idea. I thought about my hubby and how sweet it was for him to buy them for her to bring home. From there I started to think about the rest of my family and the color they each add to my days. Each one so different, yet each one makes the bouquet that much more special. I tell each one of my children "you are my favorite, but don't tell the others". They laugh at me and say they know I tell it to each of them. But I think they like it anyways, because they know it's true. Each one is "my favorite." They each bring something different to the family that I treasure.

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