Saturday, July 21, 2007

What to do???

I find myself wishing at times for a few hours of peace and quiet. Thinking it would be nice to just be home alone for awhile and be able to finally and get a few things accomplished with no interruptions. And then it happens! I came home from work today and my family had already left. I knew they would be gone. My extended family planned a get-together after I had told work I would pick up the weekend shifts. So, dear hubby, packed the kids for the night and off they went. I am now sitting at home thinking it is just too quiet and I find I am not quite sure what to do! Even the poor little dog is at loss. He keeps checking their bedrooms and the back door whining for the kids. I sure hope they get home tomorrow before I do. It's so nice to come home and be greeted with all those little hugs and kisses!

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