Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Joyful moments in the midst of our sorrow

Some days are much more difficult than others. Many days are filled with tears and unanswered questions. But, even in the midst of the sorrow.... God gives us moments that bring a smile to the face and just a little peace to the heart.

Myriah will be turning 15 on the 16th, so we had some family come and help us celebrate on Sunday. With grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins... the day was a good one for her and for us all. (Difficult at times, but, still good!)

And the best part of the day for Myriah was her gift from Grandpa!!
Doesn't she look great sitting in that corvette!

OK... so she didn't get the car for her gift; HOWEVER, she did get to drive it. Her very first time driving and it was in a corvette. Now before anyone worries, we only went around the horseshoe driveway a couple of times. She did great!!


meredith said...

It's great to see a new post; I guess this means I need to do a new one as well. We're looking forward to our birthday celebration with you all on Wednesday.

KC said...

Happy Birthday, Myriah. Prayers continuing for you all.

Aunt Kari said...

Happy Birthday Myriah! Great Car:)

Lots of love from Michigan

Uncle David, Aunt Kari & Will

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness. The grace of God is upon you all.

We continue to pray as well.