Thursday, April 22, 2010

Learning Curve!!

All the interesting things I must now learn being single!! After spending most of the day in Eagan, driving home in crazy traffic (due to construction season.. ugh), shopping and running errands, and putting away groceries, I sat down this evening to look through my lawn mower's owner's manual hoping that it wouldn't require much to get it ready for mowing.

Recommended each season... new spark plugs, oil & filter change, an air
filter change and a few other things I can't remember at the moment.

I do enjoy learning new things, and once I have this down I'm sure it won't be so bad... but I am just not up to attempting my first oil change after every thing else today. And the owner's manual just doesn't have enough pictures in my opinion!! Besides I will need to go to the store first anyhow and get the things I need. Just too much for tonight! So instead I took a nice long walk, came home and had a banana split and am going to watch a movie with the kids. I'll learn something new later!!


steve said...

Good luck with your first oil change! I think I would have chosen a banana split and a movie with the kids too!!

Thanks for making me laugh! Em

meredith said...

Couldn't James learn instead and call it Tech. Ed.?