Friday, April 9, 2010

Swing Dancing

A group of youth from church wanted to get together and go swing dancing, again. They went about a month ago for the the first time and really enjoyed themselves. Yesterday a group got together and went out again. Quite a few of the kids have been taking dance lessons through home school group and really have fun dancing on a real dance floor with a live orchestra. And it is fun for us parents to see our teens dress up, watch our young men act like gentlemen when they ask a lady for a dance and escort her onto the dance floor, and see our young ladies twirl around a dance floor!

James and Myriah agreed to comply with their mother's request (ok, so it was more like pleading) to get a video clip of the two of them dancing together. Of course, we had to go off to the side! But at least I have them on film!! Actually, I think they kind of have fun dancing together. They danced a few dances together out on the dance floor and at home they will even dance in the living room!

I do have a couple other videos that for some reason are not downloading to blogger. I will try in another post, maybe tomorrow.

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steve said...

Great job James and Myriah! The two of you looked great out there on the dance floor!! I'm glad you let your mom tape you. Can't wait to see the other clips!!

With Love from Ohio, Emily