Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Field trip

Since Myriah had Monday off at the high school we decided to go on a filed trip. We drove to St. Paul to visit the Cathedral and then went over to the Science Museum.

The Cathedral is truly a very beautiful church. The children were in awe as we walked around looking at the various statues and stained glass windows.

But... the highlight and, really, what prompted the visit to the cathedral in the first place:

An exact replica of Michelangelo's "La Pieta" (Italian for "pity")
After my first miscarriage, back in 1997, the Pieta became my greatest source of comfort. I was 17 weeks along and needed to be induced to deliver my baby. Holding little Lewis' body in my hands, all I could think of was Our Lady holding the broken body of her Son after His death for us, and in the suffering of my heavenly Mother I found comfort for my own. Through the 4 other miscarriages and the loss of my husband, the imagine of the Pieta and the Seven Sorrows of Mary have become very dear to my heart.

Unlike visitors to Rome, here you are able to walk around the statue, seeing it from all sides. What a beautiful piece of art! So hard to imagine how Michelangelo could take a hunk of rock and carve such a detailed wonder.

Look close and you see the scars in His side, in His feet, and in His hand.

Sitting and praying in front my Mother as she cradles her Son, I was struck with such a sense of awe. Such suffering depicted and, yet, such beauty to be found. It was truly a grace filled moment for me that day! A gift from my Lord and His Mother. I found myself wondering, would I ever find the beauty of my own suffering and truly be grateful for it?

Here is a picture of the plaque that stands beside the statue. Click on it to enlarge it. It is worth the read. You can also find more information here.

After visiting the Cathedral we headed over to the Science Museum for the IMAX film on Vincent Van Gogh. Although it could not compare to the time spent at the Cathedral, it was very informational and an enjoyable addition to the day. I never knew Van Gogh had produced so many paintings in his lifetime; 900 paintings and 1100 sketches and drawings (only selling one while he was still living.)

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