Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This past Saturday (thanks to my mother-in-law for organizing) the kids and I joined some family members to pray outside Planned Parenthood in St. Cloud for an end to abortion. I believe our family count was 19 of us in St. Cloud and 3 more at a Planned Parenthood in Michigan during the same time period. We took an hour for the 40 Days For Life campaign. We enjoyed ourselves and, hopefully, our time there was fruitful. When I checked the 40 Days website the count was... day 28, 319 babies saved!!


Sarah said...

What a great family outing/project! Thank you for taking the time to be a prayerful example and witness. I hope one day that we will be able to do something like this with our children when they are a bit older.

Anonymous said...

Do you that we have just a touch of Irish on our side of the family?
Where do you think the kids get that sparkle in their eyes?

Kristina said...

There's lots of Irish from my dad's side of the family as well. But, no.. I didn't know Paul had any Irish on his side at all.