Monday, March 29, 2010

A very busy week.

Last week we were once again blessed with an opportunity to go to Breezy Point! All I can say is a very big "thank you" to those friends who so generously shared their time-share. The kids and I had a wonderful four days swimming, walking, relaxing and visiting with friends. This trip to Breezy Point coincided with the vacation of two other families we know from "mom's group" and it was a blessing to share our vacation with such good friends.

We headed to Breezy Point on Saturday, stayed until Wednesday morning. The boys had some appointments on Thursday and Friday we packed up again and headed out of town to my mother's. Due to a change in position for her job, she now has to work Easter Sunday. So, we had our Easter dinner yesterday, hid some candy filled eggs for the kids, and spent some time visiting.

Now we are trying to stay focused for a few days, get everything unpacked, get some school work finished, and clean up around the house.
Lent is almost over, Holy Week is already upon us and Easter will soon arrive. Another busy week ahead!

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